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Active Burn Tea - 20 Bags

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Active Burn Tea - 20 Bags

Thermogenic Formula.


The tea is an excellent composition based on fruits, herbs and extracts.

Goodbye unnecessary calories!!! The tea is created for modern women

who are looking for the active ingredients, appreciate the taste and choose what they like.

Active lifestyle and a healthy diet help take care of yourself and enjoy your well-being every day!


Capsaicin: helps you lose weight by boosting metabolism and fat burning. 

  Rockweed: helps maintain a healthy body weight, increases satiety and fullness,  supports the natural functions of the digestive system by increasing the amount of fiber in the food, supports digestive system. 
 Iodine: helps to maintain normal energy metabolism. 
Guarana seeds: help the metabolism and fat burning, easier weight control!
 Hibiscus: promotes excretion of water from the body, it contributes to the proper functioning of the urinary tract,  has a beneficial effect on the vitality of the body and the appropriate level of energy.  


Ingredients: Hibiscus flower (55%), Pu-Erh tea (12%), Apple, Guarana seeds (7.5%), aromas,
Rockweed extract (2.5%), Garcinia Cambogia (2%), Pomegranate seeds (1%) Red Orange peel (1%),
Cayenne Pepper extract (Capsaicin) (1.3%).

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