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Perfect Keto Chocolate Hazelnut Butter


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Perfect Keto Chocolate Hazelnut Butter 176 g

- Low Carb

- Keto Friendly

- No Added Sugars

- No Chemicals or Preservatives

Perfect Keto Nut Butter is a blend of macadamia, cashew, and coconut butter with MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil. Perfect Keto Nut Butter is the ultimate snack for a low carbohydrate or ketogenic lifestyle. Thick, rich and velvety, this low carb nut butter is perfect on its own, or when added to your favorite recipes and smoothies. Perfect Keto Nut Butter is a satisfying plant-based snack loaded with a unique blend of fats from nutrient-dense macadamias, cashews and coconuts, along with MCTs for a long-lasting, low carb source of energy.

MCT's (medium chain triglycerides) are a certain form of fatty acids that are rapidly digested, used by the brain and body for fuel, and may serve as precursors to ketone bodies, thereb fueling physical and mental activity.

Perfect Keto MCT's are derived from coconuts, not palm oil.

Nutritional values

   2 tbs (32 g)
Energy (kcal) 170
Protein (g) 4.0
Carbohydrates (g) 10.0
- of which sugar (g) 1.0
- of which polyols (g) 3.0
Fat (g) 16.0
- of which saturated (g) 6.0
Fibre (g) 4.0
Salt (mg) 50.0


Ingredients: hazelnuts, coconut, almonds, cashews, erythritol, chocolate chips (unsweetened chocolate, erythritol, cocoa butter, stevia extract, sunflower lecithin), cocoa powder, macadamia nuts, MCT oil, cinnamon, sea salt.

Allergens: hazelnuts, coconut, almonds, cashews, macadamia

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