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Cakees Sweet Protein Lemon Cheesecake



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Cakees Sweet Protein Lemon Cheesecake 450 g

- Low Carb

- High Protein

- Gluten Free

- No Sugar Added

- Keto Friendly

Delicious ready to eat and shelf stable cheesecake without dough bottom, enriched with milk protein.

Typical cottage cheese, lemon taste and smell.

Store in cool temperature (no frost!) 

Nutritional values

  per 100 g
Energy (kcal) 162
Protein (g) 15.2
Carbohydrates (g) 23.2
- of which sugar (g) 2.8*
- of which polyols (g) 18.3
Fat (g) 4.3
- of which saturated (g) 2.5
Fibre (g) -
Salt (g) 0.33

*contains natural occuring sugars


Ingredients: quark cheese 61% (medium fat), sweetener: xylitol, eggs, milk protein,

flavour, corn starch, acidifier citric acid, salt. 

Allergens: milk, eggs.

May contain traces of nuts.

Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.

Attention pet owners: keep away from your dog – xylitol is perilous for dogs!

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