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Agar Agar 100 g

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Agar Agar - 100 g


Agar Agar is a vegetarian alternative to gelatin made from seaweed, it is a dietary source of iron, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, biotin, C & D. Agar Agar contains fewer calories than animal gelatin and has no taste or smell. It is an excellent gelling agent and thickener in a variety of foods including jams, jellies, pudding, icings, soups and even ice cream.
Recommended use for Agar Agar: 
0.9 g agar agar powder to 100 ml of neutral liquid
1.3 g of agar agar powder to 100 ml of acidic liquid

Ingredients: Agar Agar.

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